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Oculus Quest 2 games 2021

In the main game mode, you can play any fighter from a huge list of characters. The single-player campaign will allow you to travel through time, meeting all the fighters in the history of the series and enjoying more cinematic screensavers, one-on-one skirmishes, and a cycle of events.

The Main Features of the Game

  1. The basic version of the oculus game.

Fighting with a variety of features and modes. Games have become widespread nowadays. They are admired by adults and children, boys and girls, moms and dads. It’s a great way to have fun and exciting leisure in a large noisy company, close family circle, or tete-a-tete.

  1. All additional materials.

Two highly acclaimed story campaigns that will send players on a cinematic adventure, continue the grand saga of the Battle of the Dead, as well as a full roster, which includes 37 characters available for the game. Six characters are available for the game.

  1. The first in the history of the series story addition, three available for the game.

A deadly battle of the new generation! Dynamic up to 4K resolution, improved visual effects, and significantly reduced download times. To activate the app codes, new characters, and reset you need to enter the code included.

If you have a large table or a comfortable place on the floor, you can buy games of any size. They can be equipped with spacious playing fields and many components that can easily be placed around. Be sure to ask about the minimum and a maximum number of players. If you choose a game designed for a large company, it will be uninteresting or simply impossible to play it together.

For children, you should choose short games that can hold their interest and attention throughout the game. The same applies to group games, in which you need to take into account the time spent on the move by each player.

Play Your Favorite Characters in Story Mode

Do you think that you have reached the ceiling of your abilities? So, you are ready for single tests of the “Tower” mode. “Classic Towers” is a tribute to the history of the series, where you will find a series of intense fights. And “Time Towers” can at any time change the course of the fight with the help of unique modifiers, and to win the rounds you need to meet different conditions.

Insert another controller and pass it to the second player – or compete with fighters from around the world over the network. Online, you have access to both regular matches and even more intense ranking and tournament battles, victories which will allow you to rise higher in the leaderboards.

Each fighter has a unique set of special tricks that can be performed by pressing a certain combination of buttons and joystick movements (at any time during the fight you can open the trick menu to get detailed information). Try yourself as an organizer and create your perfect poster of fights, choosing from hundreds of MMA masters. Choose from a variety of legendary arenas, real judges, and unique battle parameters, then go through all the events.

For the first time in the mixed combat simulator, you will feel all the freedom to control a fighter in any situation with hobbies. Simultaneous opposition of two fighters in the ground makes the game even more believable thanks to improved systems.