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How to delete all photos from your iPhone?

In accessories on the iOS platform, for example, in the model 11 128GB, great functionality. Not all users are familiar with all the “stuffing” and options. Therefore, to understand how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, or how to delete albums on iphone kill the query in Google. After reading the sequence of stages, you will understand that there is nothing complicated here. To start, you need to have a USB cable with an output for iPhone, Internet access (Wi-Fi), as well as iTunes 12.5.1 (or higher) version.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

Any computer recognizes a phone with iOS, in contrast to Android, as a storage device, so you have to work with the operating system explorer. Before transferring a photo from an iPhone to a Windows laptop, you need to:

  1. Unlock the phone display.
  2. Connect the devices with a cable.

If desired, you can use iTunes at this stage: select your device from the menu on the left and enable the option “Sync via Wi-Fi”. After that, you cannot use additional devices for data transmission, but immediately for a wireless connection. After transferring data, iTunes offers to delete it from your phone or leave it. When connected via USB on the iPhone, a request with access permission for the computer may pop up. It needs to be confirmed. Further, the phasing of the processes differs depending on the installed version of Windows.

  • Windows 7;

In this OS, first of all, the autorun window opens, in which you need to select the import of photos using Windows. Then mark the necessary files to move. To skip this step later, you can check the “Always run for device” box. This means that when you connect the iPhone, copies of the photo will go to the “Images” folder.

  • Windows 8;

In Windows 8, you must first open a Photo Album. Click on the “Import” option and check the “apple” gadget from which the data will be moved. You need to select the necessary items, confirm the selection with the option “Continue”, then – “Import”. Photos are copied to a file called today’s number, which is located in the “Images” folder.

  • Windows 10;

By clicking on the option “From a USB device”, you can mark the desired data. This method allows you to specify the location of items, which cannot be done in other versions of Windows.

The Easiest Way of Deleting Albums on iPhone

To transfer photos from iPhone to Basket, you need:

  1. Open Start.
  2. Select “Albums”.
  3. Then – “Import”.
  4. Choose the button “Bucket” or “Delete Forever”.

Photos can be transferred to the iPhone without being tied to the OS version. To do this, after connecting the devices via USB cable, in the “Computer” tab, open the file with the name of your smartphone. After that – the folder “Internal Storage”, then – “DCIM”. It is necessary to mark the necessary elements, right-click to open a window in which to click on the option “Copy”. Move the data to the desired location on the PC.

iCloud, or “cloud”, helps store photos and other files outside the smartphone’s memory. Whatever happens to your iPhone, all the necessary data will remain in the cloud with individual access. Every iPhone owner has iCloud with free 5 GB of memory. You can buy additional volume by paying for it every month.