How to convert GIFs into Zoom backgrounds?

Funny Gif animations have flooded the internet. Dynamic pictures catch the eye, attract users. Such content is relevant in the development of banners, visual instructions, etc. You can attract attention on the Web with an interesting avatar. You don’t have to be a web programmer to make gifs: there are many simple online services and programs.

Create a Gif with Gifpal

Gifpal is a simple service that allows you to make a nice gif online without any problems. The only nuance – the site requires Flash Player. Without it, the service interface is not fully loaded into the browser, and nothing can be done.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Several Get started.
  2. Select the Camera or Photo mode. In the first case, the service will take pictures of gifs from the webcam. Before that, he may ask for the resolution to use the camera. In the second case, you will need to select a photo on your computer.
  3. In Photo mode, click on the yellow folder. Select the pictures and send them with a plus sign in the left window.
  4. If necessary, switch to Edit Frames mode. It can delete, rotate frames, change the playback speed, etc. Save the changes and exit the mode crosswise.
  5. Multiple Build Gifs.
  6. Posts in the social network or stored on the computer.

Now back to the initial Caption tab. In it, you can register your nickname and gif background. By analogy with stickers, it is possible to change the size of the inscription and its location. In addition, various animation effects are available here. And the last tab – Draw. This is an extended version of stickers with the ability to draw. You can create a gif from a photo both in English and in the automatically translated interface.

How to Make a Gif from a Video on YouTube?

Another topical question: how to make a Gif file from a video online? In principle, the Giphy service is able to do this, but there you need to download a video file from your computer to the Internet. There is a good way to make a gif of YouTube content. Take the video you like, insert three letters “gif” in the address bar of the browser before “youtube”, press Enter. There is an automatic redirection to the online Gifs service.

The next step – specify the beginning of the fragment of the video, from which we will create a gif. In the left part of the window – tools for adding special effects. You can, maybe:

  • insert your text above the image;
  • add a sticker;
  • select a fragment of the frame, delete the rest;
  • use a palette, play with clarity, shades, etc.

After all the necessary manipulations, click Create Gif. Enter the name of the animation tags. Choose public or private viewing. A preview window appears. In its right part – a direct and optimized link. Below is the Download button. Choose the file size, and download the animation to the computer. In the same window, you can share your masterpiece by posting it on social media. Periodically, the service offers to create a paid account, but you can limit yourself to free registration. This does not threaten anything, except for the presence of the developer’s watermark at DIFCU.